Brandon on the Issues

The Key 3!

Restore civil liberties and individual rights

  • Decriminalize all nonviolent drug offenses and end the war on drugs
  • Repeal the Gun Control Act of 1968 and restore rights to own all non-mechanical accessories
  • Repeal the Patriot Act and eliminate DHS, including all surveillance-state apparatus created since 2001

Exercise fiscal responsibility and eliminate deficit spending

  • Our troops are not for sale. Congress should approve assistance to allies only for dire circumstances
  • Security for corporate interests should be bought and paid by those corporations, not US citizens
  • End corporate welfare. Eliminate subsidies, tariffs, and government grated monopolies.

Address social entitlement and welfare reform

  • Social Security is not solvent and will be bankrupt in about 5 years without additional tax hikes or benefit cuts.
  • Scale back the program to its original capacity to eliminate it as compulsory.
  • Terminate all measures that make welfare a trap. Elminate the welafe cliff and incentivize people to seek employment or small business ownership

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