About Brandon

Brandon Lape is only candidate running in Ohio’s 7th Congressional District who supports the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in his words and actions.

Brandon is a small town IT Specialist in Central Ohio who knows that bipartisan politics is failing our country and is promoting Civil Liberty, Fiscal Responsibility and the Free Market. He is currently a Computer Support Technician at Ariel Corporation and the Executive Committee Treasurer of the Knox County Libertarian Party of Ohio.

Brandon was born in Ashland County, Ohio. His rural roots and the things he learned there ingrained in him dedication to hard work, personal responsibility, and a sense of community that still influence him today. His hobby of tinkering with computers lead him to work on a degree in Computer Service and Network Technology at the University of Akron. Starting his career in mobile sales and repairs with Nextel and then later Verizon, he transitioned to Hardware and Software Support at Knox Community Hospital which lead him to his current position with Ariel Corporation.

Brandon’s involvement in the community in his area have always been a major part of his roots. Living in a rural community attending local events becomes a major part of life, whether it’s First Fridays in Mount Vernon, the Danville Turkey Festival or a High School Football game on a Friday night. Brandon personally works with the local Masonic Lodge to help raise money for Special Olympics and is always willing to help out with his children’s 4H group if asked.

In 2016 it became clear to Brandon that the bipartisan politics of this country were slowly tearing it apart and the only way it could truly be repaired was through a third party. Brandon decided at that point to get involved with the Libertarian Party and work for a change. He truly believes the purpose of government is to protect our rights and not infringe on them, because of this he decided to run for Congress. Only through a Libertarian candidate can change really start to develop. His focus on key liberty issues remind us all that there is more to government than just political parties and if we don’t vote for freedom today it won’t be here tomorrow.

Brandon and his high school sweetheart Lisa, have been married for 18 years and have 2 wonderful children Simon and Miranda. They live in Danville, OH in NE Knox County and enjoy every aspect of small town life. Brandon likes spending his free time doing home electro/mechanical projects such as the Electric Motorcycle he built using modern technology such as a 3D Printer and laser engraver.

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